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Fatigue Management Training, Conflict Management and Resilience Training

The Bulletproof People team is passionate about seeing people flourish both personally and professionally during times of change and challenge. Workplaces benefit when underpinned by teams who are:

  1. Resilient to change and challenge through resilience training

  2. Effective at fatigue management training

  3. Have the conflict management skills for minimal collateral damage

The Bulletproof People team will take you through a process of ‘Questions’, ‘Conversations’ and ‘Answers’ which will provide you with support, direction and accountability. As you endeavour to run your core business and meet ‘bottom line’ goals, we at Bulletproof People can come along side you and your team to provide a customised program that will help to ‘Bulletproof’ your organisation.

Additionally, if you have a specific area of interest that needs to be addressed to achieve a level of compliance we are also able to roll out workshops uniformly across your whole organisation to ensure consistency for everyone.

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