Can’t, Won’t, Don’t

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Can’t – I don’t know how to.

Won’t – I choose not to.

Don’t – It’s not what we do.

Why do some leaders struggle to execute accountability?

A consistent, non-confrontational approach takes time and energy. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced business environments, time and energy are not always available.

Yet, contemporary business environments have safety, productivity and quality systems in place that are consistently watered down by something neither a program or system can effectively do – human-to-human accountability.

This is a skill that can be learnt but until you can practice that skill on yourself, you will have the conviction but lack the credibility.

Conviction + credibility = accountability.

What are accountability killers in your team?

  1. Blinded by bias.
  2. Being combative well after the battle has moved on.
  3. Unclear behaviour benchmarks or boundaries.
  4. Inconsistent one-on-one accountability.
  5. Compromise based on laziness.
  6. Leaders who say one thing and do another.

The steps to improved execution

  1. Value – I need to see the value in this! Firstly, how does it help me? Secondly, how will it help me to help others?
  2. Revelation – What are the areas of my life that require scrutiny?
  3. Questions – What are the boundaries of behaviour that I’m expected to fulfill?
  4. Process – Patience and understanding we are constantly ‘improving’ and are all works in progress.


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Priorities control time, money, relationships, emotion and effort.

Our choice to prioritise one activity over another can shape the course of our future and we, as humans, are constantly trying to balance our priorities in order to remain in control of our own destiny. However, the quest for balance means that we must sacrifice activities we value most in order to find ourselves where we want to be.

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The world places tremendous importance on the power of value. Our money, our houses and our cars are constantly appreciating or depreciating in value.

But, there are other important things we should place value on – how we value ourselves and how we value others

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