Can’t – I don’t know how to.

Won’t – I choose not to.

Don’t – It’s not what we do.

Why do some leaders struggle to execute accountability?

A consistent, non-confrontational approach takes time and energy. Unfortunately, in today’s fast-paced business environments, time and energy are not always available.

Yet, contemporary business environments have safety, productivity and quality systems in place that are consistently watered down by something neither a program or system can effectively do – human-to-human accountability.

This is a skill that can be learnt but until you can practice that skill on yourself, you will have the conviction but lack the credibility.

Conviction + credibility = accountability.

What are accountability killers in your team?

  1. Blinded by bias.
  2. Being combative well after the battle has moved on.
  3. Unclear behaviour benchmarks or boundaries.
  4. Inconsistent one-on-one accountability.
  5. Compromise based on laziness.
  6. Leaders who say one thing and do another.

The steps to improved execution

  1. Value – I need to see the value in this! Firstly, how does it help me? Secondly, how will it help me to help others?
  2. Revelation – What are the areas of my life that require scrutiny?
  3. Questions – What are the boundaries of behaviour that I’m expected to fulfill?
  4. Process – Patience and understanding we are constantly ‘improving’ and are all works in progress.