The Challenge

Industry: Energy

Locations: Australia Wide

Size: 2,000 staff

Bulletproof People have conducted tailored programs to over 2000 staff at over 35 locations in the oil and gas workforce. We have trained the staff and leadership team on the topic of resilience. These strategies and skillsets have been implemented into the culture and well being of their workplace.

The Solution

A 3 month program including

  • Surveys
  • 6 hour workshop
  • Online training
  • Leaders debrief
  • Booster session

At the completion of the Resilience training program,

    • Further training needs were identified for those at risk of fatigue. Additional sessions were run helping participants build their own fatigue management plans.
    • Post training, resilience has been identified as a requirement in each team members Personal Safety Plans
    • A video was produced discussing the impacts of the resilience program on the team.

The Outcomes

  • Over 30 different teams within the business have commenced the training
  • Survey results  showed…
    • Over 89% of people surveyed, reported both the quality of course content and the relevance of the material to their workplace as either a 4.5 or higher out of 5.
    • Over 87% of people surveyed stated that they had either a high or very high level of increased awareness regarding the impact of resilience and fatigue on the workplace after attending the workshop.


“I plan to use what I learned today in my everyday life.”
“Great workshop! Looking forward to the debrief and boosters.”
“I liked the course because I could relate it both to my personal & work life in particular bringing emotional issues into perspective.”
“Brilliant session. Very engaging presenter and knowledgeable. Very worthwhile to be involved.”
“Really beneficial, relevant and also interactive.  The presenter brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Made it easier to learn…”
“A very useful and thought provoking session, I am glad to see that there will be additional follow up on the topics covered.”
“Fantastic course. The presenter’s enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious and I found him not only a great speaker but clearly a very knowledgeable person.  Also a great opportunity to spend some more one on one time with members of my team.”