The Challenge


Industry: Science & Technology

Locations: Australia wide

Size : 250 staff

Bulletproof People have presented tailored programs to over 250 staff at over 8 locations in the science and technology workforce. We have delivered resilience training and workshops to their employee and management teams.

The Solution

  • Conduct surveys to identify hotspots around change and challenge
  • Initiate a 4 hour Building Resilience workshop for the team
  • Participants to build their own ‘Personal Resilience Plan’
  • The groups to build a set of resilience convictions and executions

The Outcomes

  • 10 workshops completed
  • Resilience conversation successfully integrated into culture
  • The participants surveyed rated the knowledge and relevance of the presenter with an average score of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Over 83% of people surveyed said the quality of the course content was high to very high and over 91 % scored the relevance to their workplace either a 4.5 or higher out of 5.
  • Over 85% of people surveyed stated that they would recommend that their fellow employees complete the workshop.


“Great timing. Covered all aspects of life and brought them together. Provided solutions. Start of a journey. I would highly recommend the course. Great presenter Rhett Morris.”
“Interesting to put some words on something ‘unconscious’. Great job to ‘materialise’ concepts and feelings.”
“Great course. Delivery spot on and presenter’s experience and passion for the subject matter very evident.”
“Before the course I was negative about its effects… after the course I feel very positive about its effects.”
“Great presenting style, very engaging, never boring, non-threatening presenter who you feel will value contributions from attendees.”