The Challenge

Curtis Island John Holland Group

Industry: Construction

Location: Curtis Island, Gladstone – Remote, FIFO and DIDO

Size: 300 staff across, 4 different locations

Bulletproof People have presented tailored programs to over 300 staff at over 4 locations in the construction workforce. We have delivered practical training educating employee and employers on fatigue management in their workplace.

The Solutions

  • Deliver a 2 part Fatigue Management program
  • Every attendee completed a fatigue management plan
  • Initiate “The Fatigue Guide” self check

The Outcomes

  • 40 workshops delivered
  • 290 Fatigue Management plans completed
  • 300 Fatigue Management guides delivered
  • Over 86% of participants completed a personal Fatigue Management Plan
  • The average score for the level of increased awareness of the impact of fatigue on the workplace was 4.2 out of 5.
  • Over 83 % of people surveyed stated that they found the session to be helpful or very helpful in their professional life.


“I realise that there are things I can’t change in regards to the jobs I do but I can control the way I can cope with it”
“This has come at a good time and I am taking a lot away from this.”
“Relates to this workplace 100% when talking about fatigue and frustration.”