There is a very real responsibility to not only be resilient for my own benefit but also for the benefit of those around me.

If culture is defined as the total sum of each individuals behaviour in a group, then surely every person’s choices made in the face of change or challenge will have an impact on the wider group.

With this in mind here are 10 thoughts that make up a person who is “Leaking Resilience”

  1. They communicate both personal and professional purpose with balance and clarity.
  2. They lead not by title but by setting a strong example in both home and work environments.
  3. They are appropriately transparent when discussing the personal impacts of challenging news.
  4. They understand that “Social Media Over – sharing” is not an appropriate replacement for honesty with a trusted confidant.
  5. They manage their thoughts and emotions in a balanced manner, and seek support if necessary.
  6. They are moderate in their approach to life’s indulgences.
  7. They see regular exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep as a way of life not a chore.
  8. They have a manageable number of friends who are highly committed to each other’s wellbeing.
  9. They selflessly and consistently give time and resource to others who are in need. Not out of any need for recognition but rather a pure empathy for others.
  10. They take the time at the beginning of each day to assess that, which is within their control and that which is beyond their control. Choosing either the appropriate response of accepting fate or taking responsibility.