Imagine a workforce …

1. That bounces back every time from times of change or challenge.

2. Whose personal interactions are in complete harmony with each other.

3. Who powers through the day delivering high productivity – every minute of every hour.

Easy to imagine, however much more difficult to execute in reality. In fact almost nearly impossible. Any thoughts of delivering the above all of the time are idealistic and bound to lead to disappointment and frustration.

productivityThat is why addressing these issues in the workplace needs to be delivered with a fluid strategy that does not assume that one size fits all. It can’t be black and white, in fact it may need to be grey.  People aren’t all the same – their DNA is unique and so is the way they think, interact and behave.

When delivering fluid and impacting Fatigue Management, Conflict Management & Resilience Training you need to consider the following:

  1. Diversity – ensure you understand the range of thought that drives both positive and negative behaviour in the workplace.
  2. Order – be careful to build awareness on the topics before delivering accountability measures. When presented in the wrong order the accountability can be seen as a punitive measure.
  3. Consistent – there needs to be buy in of the initiatives from the very top down. With regular practical demonstrations of  ‘Actions being louder than words’.
  4. Practical – ensure the attendees can apply the outcomes of any training in both their personal and professional lives.
  5. Outsiders – often programs like these if delivered in-house can lose their impact. ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ – so keep it fresh with outsiders who take the time to know your workplace and it’s core values.