The world places tremendous importance on the power of value. Our money, our houses and our cars are constantly appreciating or depreciating in value.

But, there are other important things we should place value on – how we value ourselves and how we value others

Many leaders have approached me asking how best to motivate their team. They may ask how to identify the key motivators for their staff and how to help them find fulfillment in their role. These are all excellent questions to ask.


I believe that the first question to ask is not, ‘what motivates my team?’

Rather, ‘what do the individuals in my team value?’

From experience, I know that leaders must identify the individual values of their team members before attempting to motivate them.

The below six steps will help leaders to identify their team members’ individual values:

Hand with marker writing: WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU?

  1. Ask about their top three priorities – who or what are they?
  2. Recognize that if team members struggle to articulate what they value, they may struggle with feeling valuable.
  3. Build trust and ensure that your team feels safe with you. Be aware of tone of voice and body language.
  4. Be discreet when asking about value – your team may not want their vulnerabilities shared as a point of discussion with others.
  5. Ask your team not only what they want to do in the team, but also who they want to be in the team. Results and positive behaviour change both need to be achieved for lasting success.
  6. Build a team culture around giving rather than receiving – a good workplace should focus on what you can give rather than what you can get.
  7. One-on-one time is crucial – busyness can be an enemy of value-building.