Conflict Management Training

The Conflict Guide

Resolving Workplace Conflicts

Workplace conflict can affect your personal and family life, which can have a direct impact on your health and well-being. Conflicts related with work and family associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, lower productivity and, poor physical and mental health. These factors have a strong affect on companies’ performance, productivity and well-being.


Conflict is more than just a theory at Bulletproof People. We are committed to ensuring your team is equipped to make the right choices regarding conflict.

We provide tailored programs, engaging models of delivery, resources / tools and a commitment to follow up. All guaranteeing a return on your investment!

"Very good training course and very well presented.  The presenter clearly has a working knowledge of the material and has been working in this area for a while."
Workshop attendee
"Best training course run within our company in the last 15 years. Tackling root causes rather than just regulating."
Seminar attendee
"Exceptional.  Best course I have ever undertaken. Clear, concise, excellent communication style. Presenter to be commended on content and presentation. Thanks"
Workshop attendee
"Great energetic presenter! Lots of relevant/useful facts. It will apply in my personal and professional environment."
Workshop attendee


  • Safer working environment
  • Healthier team culture
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced risk of accidents and ill health
  • Increased workplace engagement
  • Enhanced productivity 


  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved health
  • Improved decision making
  • Increase in morale and motivation
  • Enhanced job performance and satisfaction
  • Enhanced workplace relationships


Workplace conflict results in job dissatisfaction, stress at work, downturn in productivity and increase in absenteeism

(American Psychological Association Practice Organisation, 2010)

Conflict can lead to workplace bullying, negative emotions and can contribute towards counterproductive behaviours.

(The International Journal of Organisational Analysis, 1993)

A manager spends 25-40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflicts. That’s one to two days of every work week.

(Washington Business Journal, 2005)

95% of people who received training as part of their leadership development or on formal external courses reported it helped them in some way. Among all employees, 76% have seen conflict lead to a positive outcome, such as better understanding of others (41%) or a better solution to a workplace problem (29%).

(CPP Global Human Capital Report, 2008)


  • Over 88% of attendees surveyed would recommend that their colleagues also attend this training.


  • 86% said the content of the course was highly relevant to their workplace.


  • The personal & professional impact of this course has been rated as 4 or 5 out of 5 by over 80% of it’s participants.