Rhett Morris

Rhett Morris founded Bulletproof People in 2009 after seeing the need for increased resilience in organisations from both a corporate and individual perspective.

In the last four years, Rhett and his team have presented over 1,000 workshops on topics including: Resilience, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Conflict and Bullying and Fatigue and Energy Management.

Using his background in business and people management Rhett has been able to deliver results, not just for the individual, but also provide the catalyst and culture for improved business outcomes in the areas of productivity, quality and safety.

Prior to establishing Bulletproof People, Rhett was a Business Development Manager in a large-scale not-for-profit organisation designed to help people with life-controlling issues. Moving up through the ranks of the organisation, Rhett was eventually to become the CEO and lead a team of 30 professionals. During this time, Rhett and his team managed to fundraise over 10 million dollars to build a 40-acre, 50 bed purpose-built facility and see hundreds of people graduate from the 12-month program.

In the last four years, Rhett has delivered in excess of 600 workshops and programs to over 20 different multinational organisations nationwide.  He holds qualifications in Sports Science, Optics and Social Work and has a strong interest in Human Endurance with a unique insight into the demands of emotional and mental resilience. He competes in Ironman racing and has completed many multi-disciplinary endurance events.Rhett-05-e1377786710844-300x281

Rhett is a talented orator and is passionate about prompting people to consider the aspects of their lives that impact on their ability to bounce back from change – to be resilient.

Rhett is married with five children and is native to Sydney, Australia.

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